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It’s challenging to assess which English proficiency test is more difficult. But an easy way to evaluate your current English level is to try out the free materials offered by IELTS, TOEFL®, and PTE on their websites.

Keep in mind that the way you prepare for an exam is more important than how difficult it is or what people say. These tests are not meant to be obstacles, but rather an opportunity to prove you have the English skills to live and study in a foreign country.

Successfully passing an English language test shows you’re motivated and disciplined enough to work hard, which makes you an ideal candidate for undergraduate (Bachelor’s) or postgraduate (Master’s, PhD) studies.



Is the TOEFL or IELTS available to closer to you? The TOEFL is available in 4,500 centers in 165 countries, whereas the IELTS exam is available in 1,100 centers across 140 countries. The newer PTE is only available in 250 testing centers in 50 countries. It may also be the case that one test has more convenient test dates available for you.

Online practice for the exam

You can find free practice materials on the official IELTSTOEFL®, and PTE websites. If you’re going to use the IELTS materials available online, make sure you work on the Academic Reading and Academic Writing sections. The General Reading and General Writing parts are used for the IELTS General Training test, which is not designed for students interested in higher education (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD studies).

These free online materials are a great way to evaluate your current English level and understand what the exam will actually be like. Other websites also offer free practice samples, but you should always check if the materials are up-to-date and if they follow the exam structure.

You can also order books, DVDs, and other materials from the official pages of the English tests. There are also online courses for which you can pay; TOEFL® and PTE offer such courses.

Useful learning resources

There are other ways to prepare for your English proficiency exam. If you’re still a high school or university student, check with your teacher/professor(s) and see if they have any book or materials which can help you.

In my case, the English book we used in high school was specially designed to prepare us for an English exam, so we were practising Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking all the time. Make sure you don’t miss that opportunity if it’s available.

You can also find a teacher who specialises in preparing students for this type of exams. Some of them work individually, others have classes in private English language centres. If prices aren’t too high, that’s always a great option.

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